Salinas Salsa is Worldfest People's Choice Champion - Nov. 16th 2013

 Salinas Salsa Co entered the Worldfest Salsa Challenge with it's only entry of "That Good Hot" salsa product and pulled out with the People's Choice Champion! Thanks to the people of College Station for choosing us!

News release: The Eagle Sunday 11/24/2013 local newspaper College Station TX.  Sunday Lifestyles section of The Eagle.Brazos Valley Worldfest Salsa Challenge Contest Winners

 For a third time businesses and individuals submitted their best concoctions at the 2013 Brazos Valley Worldfest Salsa Challenge. The contest had both amateur and professional categories and submissions included a variety of salsa types and flavors.

 All entries were judged on smell, taste, looks, and consistency. Judges were also asked whether or not they felt each entry was traditional or creative. Judging for the People’s Choice category involved having festival attendees taste the professional submissions and casting their vote for the best in the Brazos Valley.

 Robyn Pearson, Brenda Bustillos and Gary Wingenbach took first, second and third in the amateur division, winning cash prizes. Professional winners included first place to Pepe’s Mexican Café for their green salsa for a second year in a row and third for their red salsa this year. Second place and the People’s Choice Award went to a new comer Salinas Salsa Co. 

Festival coordinators agreed that the biggest winners of the day were all the attendees who took part in the Salsa Challenge, casting their votes in the Challenge for the best salsa in the Brazos Valley. The Brazos Valley Worldfest Board asks our attendees, "when you are eating out at these restaurants, be sure to tell them how much you appreciate them taking part in our community events.”


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